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Recipe: Crêpes


(this format may change later)

Adapted from The PWMU Centenary Cookbook: 1904-2004, pp 193-4. Unless otherwise mentioned, all measurements are Australian.

Serves 4, with 2 each

3/4 cup plain flour

1 egg

1 cup milk

1 tablespoon melted butter + extra butter for cooking

Sift flour, make a well in the centre, and add egg. Work in flour gradually and add milk, beating until mixture is smooth. Lastly add melted butter. Leave to stand before cooking ( at least an hour, although several/overnight certainly won’t hurt). Use a 16.5 cm frying pan (or, you know, just a frying pan…), put over heat, swirl 1 teaspoon butter around pan, then wipe clean. Add a little extra butter (I find using scrunched up baking paper works best), and heat again, taking care not to burn. Pour in (roughly) three tablespoons’ worth crepe mixture and tilt the pan to spread the mixture. Cook until the surface of the crepe begins to dry out and base is golden brown (bubbles on the top are also a good sign). Turn and cook the other side. Repeat for remaining mixture (you may need to add in a little extra butter on the pan throughout the process).

Note: Your first crepe? Is almost certainly going to be your worst. It might still be edible, or it might be a toss in the bin. Alternatively, it be may amazing, in which case, please tell me how you managed it.


hail and greetings


and welcome to my new blog about writing, cook, and gardening (you can tell it’s new, there is nothing else here…). At least, that’s the theory –  I make no promises as to what proportions of posts will be about researching pirates as opposed to working out what I can grow on a balcony with morning sun as opposed to what I’ve tweaked in my quest for the perfect sate chicken recipe.

There will, however, be posts of recipes, posts on the writing process, and posts on trying to wrap my head around pots and growing things outside of my mind.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Ash